chapter 1: they can't all be zingers

no one asked for it. and yet, here it is.
our very. first. blog post. 

after years of seeking solace in the  b l u e  glow of internet screens, we’ve amassed an honestly overwhelming agglomerate of obscure internet bullshit.


now this data is

. . . dripping . . .
. . . oozing . . .
. . . trickling . . .
. . squirting? . .

out of all the holes we burnt in our brains.


so we’ll be sharing it with you, because you deserve it. even if you didn’t ask for it. 

we're currently cooking up some fresh new designs & tees for spring, but more on that later... 

for now just lie back, give in, & enjoy our custom curation of the world wide web.  we hope you find something here that tickles your fancy. 

P O S S I B L Y   I N   M I C H I G A N
C O L I N ' S   B E A R   A N I M A T I O N  ( t h a n x 4 n o t h i n g )
G O O D   N E I G H B O O R H O O D
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