obtain . e q u i l i b r i u m

🌸 in case you missed the sakura 🌸

we’ll gladly dump some flora into your brainbox. while we personally prefer cloudy skies, the blinding summer sun is fast approaching... so we may as well enjoy the 2.5 weeks of spring we get these days. we invite you to consume the ripe, young fruits of our springtime cyber-hunt below:


feel balanced in the afterglow of the  e q u i n o x
bask in the soothing voice of a prickly Chicagoan while he talks hardcore botany
• • •
still feeling unbalanced?
take a page out of kim beom’s book & let out some colorful aggression while
celebrating the many photons & heavy metals that make yellow possible
• • •
or maybe you're already as happy as the Katakuri family
m o r e   p o w e r   t o   y o u
• • •
we also introduced some more color to our STORE of the interstellar persuasion.
find a new planet to destroy & let this one bloom again.

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Banner bkgd: Zane Alexander
Yellow Scream: Kim Beom
Flower: Zawada + megatruck

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