✙ midsummer's nightmare ✙

july is upon us...

we feel for all our goth friends struggling to stay cool in black latex. it might seem like the fiery maw of hell is devouring the surface world, but we’ve got some tips to keep your meat palace as cold as your soul during these hostile summer months.

✙  ✙  ✙  ✙  ✙  ✙

exercise your demons with scream queen Linnea Quigley & get that killer summer bod. watch as she gyrates in leather panties for cardio, teaches the undead to jazzercise, & hosts a deadly sleepover.
goth hit its stride in the evil 80's, a.k.a. Satan's favorite decade. find out where the devil has been hiding in your every day life. (hint: it's everywhere)
here in the 21st century, Prayers has some cholo-goth tunes to blast while you cruise around with the top down in your convertible hearse. with plenty of sunscreen, of course...
we hope this is enough darkness to shield you from the blinding summer sun.
if you're still sweating bullets, you can always fashion yourself a
#healthgoth air-conditioned jumpsuit.

until next time, unpleasant dreams...

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