h e l l o . f r i e n d s


Synthicide is the brainchild of two life-long BFF’s, Jenna and Katherine. Since the beginning of time (i.e. 1991), we’ve shared with each other our creative visions, obsessions, and bizarre humor, meticulously hunting the world wide web for our fashion fantasies. But 🎵 time after time 🎵, our pursuits were fruitless. So we decided to make it ourselves.

We have  s  y  n  t  h  e  s  i  z  e  d  our individual styles, art skillz, and an infinite stream of ideas to bring YOU - the good people of the internet - the dopest threads, prints, and knick knax on this side of the solar system. Based in NYC, we’re releasing our original designs with vaporwave, goth, memetic, and beautifully bizarre aesthetics straight out into the void (空). We hope you dig it. And if you do, stay tuned for the ever-expanding Synthicide collection... it’s gonna be out of this world 👽